120+ Present Perfect Tense Sentences and Examples

120+ Present Perfect Tense and Examples

The present perfect tense is a grammatical tense used to describe actions or events that have occurred in the past but have a connection or relevance to the present. It is formed by using the present tense of the auxiliary verb "have" or "has" followed by the past participle of the main verb.

For example:

  • I have eaten breakfast already. (The action of eating breakfast is completed in the past, but it has a connection to the present time because it affects the speaker's current state of being full.)
  • She has studied Spanish for two years. (The action of studying Spanish started in the past and continued until the present, indicating that the person still has knowledge of the language.)
  • They have traveled to many countries. (The action of traveling occurred in the past, but the fact that they have done so is still relevant to the present.)

What are the types of Present Perfect Tense?

There are three types of present perfect tense:

1.    Present Perfect Simple: It is used to describe actions or events that happened at an unspecified time in the past or that started in the past and continue up to the present. It is formed using the auxiliary verb "have" or "has" + past participle.


  • I have read that book before.

2.    Present Perfect Continuous: It is used to describe an action that started in the past and is still continuing up to the present or has just stopped. It is formed using the auxiliary verb "have" or "has" + been + present participle (-ing form of the verb).


  • She has been working hard all day.

3.    The present perfect interrogative is a grammatical structure used to form questions in English that ask about a past action or situation that has relevance to the present moment.

4.    The structure of a present perfect interrogative sentence is:

5.    Have/Has + subject + past participle verb?


  • He has already eaten lunch.

50 Examples of Present Perfect Simple Tense in a Sentence

1.    I have seen that movie before.

2.    They have already finished their dinner.

3.    She has written five books.

4.    He has traveled to many countries.

5.    We have completed the project on time.

6.    They have lived in this city for five years.

7.    I have never eaten sushi.

8.    She has just left the office.

9.    He has visited his grandparents twice this year.

10. They have won the championship three times.

11. We have already paid the rent.

12. He has bought a new car.

13. She has learned to play the guitar.

14. They have studied English for five years.

15. I have lost my phone again.

16. She has finished reading the book.

17. He has been to Paris three times.

18. They have seen the Northern Lights.

19. We have cleaned the house.

20. I have received a promotion.

21. She has started a new job.

22. They have been friends since childhood.

23. He has painted the entire house.

24. We have visited the museum twice.

25. She has made a lot of progress.

26. They have renovated their kitchen.

27. I have never been to Asia.

28. He has written a novel.

29. She has completed her PhD.

30. They have adopted a dog.

31. We have been married for ten years.

32. I have finished my homework.

33. She has won a prestigious award.

34. He has improved his English skills.

35. They have sold their house.

36. We have seen the Grand Canyon.

37. She has run a marathon.

38. He has fixed the computer.

39. They have planted a vegetable garden.

40. I have graduated from college.

41. She has lost 10 pounds.

42. They have donated to charity.

43. He has learned a new language.

44. We have finished our shopping.

45. She has quit her job.

46. They have bought a new house.

47. I have started a new hobby.

48. She has adopted a healthy lifestyle.

49. He has become a successful entrepreneur.

50. They have organized a charity event.

50 Examples of Present Perfect Continuous

1.    I have been studying English for two hours.    

2.    They have been playing tennis since morning.

3.    She has been working in the garden all day.

4.    He has been writing a novel for six months.

5.    We have been waiting for the train for an hour.

6.    They have been running a marathon for five hours.

7.    I have been watching TV all evening.

8.    She has been cooking dinner for two hours.

9.    He has been practicing the guitar for three hours.

10. They have been studying for their exams for a week.

11. We have been driving for five hours.

12. She has been learning French for six months.

13. He has been playing video games for hours.

14. They have been watching a movie for two hours.

15. I have been working on this project for a week.

16. She has been exercising every day for a month.

17. He has been hiking in the mountains for two days.

18. They have been dancing for hours.

19. We have been cleaning the house for three hours.

20. She has been teaching English for five years.

21. He has been repairing the car for hours.

22. They have been volunteering at the shelter for a month.

23. I have been swimming for an hour.

24. She has been baking cookies all day.

25. He has been practicing yoga for years.

26. They have been playing board games all evening.

27. We have been walking for hours.

28. She has been working on her art project for weeks.

29. He has been gardening for hours.

30. They have been studying math for months.

31. I have been jogging every day for a week.

32. She has been knitting a sweater for her son.

33. He has been meditating for hours.

34. They have been cleaning up the beach for a day.

35. We have been cooking dinner together for an hour.

36. She has been tutoring students for years.

37. He has been practicing basketball for hours.

38. They have been renovating their house for months.

39. I have been learning to play the piano for six months.

40. She has been preparing for the exam for weeks.

41. He has been building a treehouse for his kids.

42. They have been creating art together for hours.

43. We have been painting the room for hours.

44. She has been running a marathon every year for a decade.

45. He has been working on the computer for hours.

46. They have been studying science for months.

47. I have been taking care of my sick friend for a week.

48. She has been making jewelry for years.

49. He has been practicing martial arts for months.

50. They have been preparing for the concert for weeks.

20 Examples of Present Perfect Interrogative

Here are some examples:

1.    Have you eaten breakfast yet?

2.    Has he finished his homework?

3.    Have they visited Paris before?

4.    Have you studied for the exam?

5.    Has she met the new manager?

6.    Have we seen this movie before?

7.    Has he learned how to play the guitar?

8.    Have they made a decision yet?

9.    Has she read the book already?

10. Have you been to the new restaurant in town?

11. Have we completed the project on time?

12. Has he spoken with the client yet?

13. Have they fixed the issue with the software?

14. Have you ever traveled to Europe?

15. Has she written the report yet?

16. Have we missed the deadline?

17. Has he started his new job?

18. Have they finished the renovation of the house?

19. Have you tried the new coffee shop?

20. Has she taken the test yet?