20 Most Common Sayings for Teens and What it Means

20 Most Common Sayings for Teens

What are the most common sayings being used by Teens today? Take a look at our top 20 list of most common sayings by Teens.

"Bite the bullet"

Meaning: To endure a difficult situation without complaint or giving up.

"Break a leg"

Meaning: A way of wishing someone good luck.

"Chill out"

Meaning: To relax or calm down.

"Cut to the chase"

Meaning:  to get to the point without wasting time.

"Hang in there"

Meaning: to keep going, despite difficulties or challenges.

"Hit the books"

Meaning: to start studying.

"Keep your chin up"

Meaning:  to stay positive, even when things are tough.

"Let the cat out of the bag"

Meaning: to reveal a secret.

"Make a long story short"

Meaning:  to summarize something briefly.

"On the same page"

Meaning:  to be in agreement or understanding with someone.

"Piece of cake"

Meaning: something that is very easy to do.

"Pull someone's leg"

Meaning: To tease or play a joke on someone.

"Sleep on it"

Meaning To take time to think about something before making a decision.

"Spill the beans"

Meaning: To reveal information that was supposed to be kept secret.

"Take a rain check"

Meaning: To decline an invitation, but suggest doing it another time.

"The ball is in your court"

Meaning: it's up to you to take action or make a decision.

"Under the weather"

Meaning: That which is feeling sick or unwell.

"Walk on eggshells"

Meaning: to be cautious or careful around someone who is easily upset.

"You're a lifesaver"

Meaning: A way of expressing gratitude for someone who helped out in a difficult situation.

"Zip your lip"

 Meaning: To be quiet or keep quiet. 

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