90+ Simple Present Tense Sentences

90+ Simple Present Tense Sentences

There are two types of Simple Present Tense:

1.    Simple Present Affirmative: This is the basic form of the Simple Present Tense, used to describe actions or events that occur in the present time, or are habitual or factual in nature. In this type, the subject and the verb in its base form are used in the sentence. For example:

2.    Simple Present Negative: This type of Simple Present Tense is used to describe actions or events that do not occur in the present time or are not habitual or factual in nature. In this type, the auxiliary verb "do" or "does" is added before the subject, and the main verb is used in its base form. The word "not" is added after the auxiliary verb to form the negative. For example:

  • I do not like to eat broccoli.
  • She does not play basketball.
  • They do not go to the gym.

Overall, both types of Simple Present Tense are used to convey information about present-time actions, habits, and conditions in a simple and clear manner.

Here are examples of 50+ Simple Present Tense Sentences

1.      The sun rises in the east.

2.      She dances beautifully.

3.      They eat dinner at home.

4.      He plays football every weekend.

5.      The teacher explains the lesson.

6.      I love eating pizza.

7.      She speaks four languages fluently.

8.      They watch TV before bed.

9.      He brushes his teeth twice a day.

10. The bus arrives at 9 am.

11. She runs every morning.

12. They enjoy swimming at the beach.

13. He listens to music while working.

14. The cat chases the mouse.

15. She studies hard for her exams.

16. They take the dog for a walk in the park.

17. He writes poetry in his free time.

18. The clock ticks every second.

19. She volunteers at the animal shelter.

20. They play board games on Sundays.

21. He practices meditation daily.

22. The flowers bloom in the spring.

23. She helps her mother in the kitchen.

24. They ride their bikes in the park.

25. He likes to read books before bed.

26. The dog barks at the mailman.

27. She enjoys drinking coffee in the morning.

28. They plant vegetables in the garden.

29. He gives his girlfriend flowers every month.

30. The river flows into the ocean.

31. She draws pictures in her notebook.

32. They go to the gym every evening.

33. He teaches English at a school.

34. The bird sings a beautiful melody.

35. She exercises at home.

36. They travel to different countries for vacation.

37. He collects stamps as a hobby.

38. The children play in the playground.

39. She prepares breakfast for the family.

40. They go to the movie theater on weekends.

41. He juggles three balls at once.

42. The computer works perfectly.

43. She learns new recipes from her grandmother.

44. They do yoga in the park.

45. He makes his own coffee in the morning.

46. The tree provides shade on a hot day.

47. She enjoys taking photographs.

48. They go to the library to borrow books.

49. He plays chess with his friends.

50. The moon shines brightly at night.

20 Simple Present Affirmative sentences

1.    I love to eat pizza.

2.    She reads books in her free time.

3.    They walk to the park every day.

4.    He listens to music while jogging.

5.    The sun sets in the evening.

6.    She studies hard for her exams.

7.    They clean the house on weekends.

8.    He plays the guitar in a band.

9.    The teacher explains the lesson clearly.

10. She speaks three languages fluently.

11. They watch movies together on Fridays.

12. He drives a car to work.

13. The dog barks at strangers.

14. She writes stories in her notebook.

15. They volunteer at the community center.

16. He cooks dinner for his family.

17. The children play in the playground.

18. She helps her mother in the kitchen.

19. They play video games on weekends.

20. He practices yoga for relaxation.

20 Simple Present Negative sentences

1.    I do not drink coffee.

2.    She does not smoke cigarettes.

3.    They do not eat meat.

4.    He does not watch television.

5.    The sun does not rise in the west.

6.    She does not procrastinate her work.

7.    They do not skip their breakfast.

8.    He does not play video games all day.

9.    The teacher does not tolerate cheating.

10. She does not gossip about others.

11. They do not litter in public places.

12. He does not argue with his colleagues.

13. The dog does not like to take baths.

14. She does not skip her exercise routine.

15. They do not ignore their responsibilities.

16. He does not waste food.

17. The children do not misbehave in class.

18. She does not use her phone while driving.

19. They do not forget to turn off the lights.

20. He does not break traffic rules.

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