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1. Additionally, there are concerns about the impact of television on the environment, as the production and disposal of television sets can lead to pollution

2. Antiviral medications can be used to treat some viral infections, but there is no cure for many viral diseases.

3. Bagaimana kondisi cuaca di sana? (What is the weather condition there?)

4. But there is a real fear that the world’s reserves for energy sources of petroleum, coal, and hydel power are gradually being exhausted

5. Der er ingen grund til at skynde sig. Vi kan tage det roligt. (There's no need to hurry. We can take it easy.)

6. Despite the many advancements in television technology, there are also concerns about the effects of television on society

7. Don't be fooled by the marketing gimmick, there's no such thing as a free lunch.

8. Don't give up - just hang in there a little longer.

9. Forgiveness is a personal journey that varies for each individual; there is no set timeline or right way to forgive.

10. From there it spread to different other countries of the world

11. Hang in there and don't lose hope - things will turn around soon.

12. Hang in there and stay focused - we're almost done.

13. Hang in there."

14. He thought he was getting a free vacation, but I reminded him that there's no such thing as a free lunch.

15. However, there are also concerns about the impact of technology on society

16. However, there are also concerns about the impact of the telephone on society

17. I don't usually go to the movies, but once in a blue moon, there's a film that I just have to see on the big screen.

18. I don't want to get my new shoes wet - it's really raining cats and dogs out there.

19. I know they're offering free samples, but there's no such thing as a free lunch.

20. I know things are difficult right now, but hang in there - it will get better.

21. I know you're going through a tough time, but just hang in there - you're not alone.

22. I learned early on that there's no such thing as a free lunch - everything comes with a cost.

23. I need to check my credit report to ensure there are no errors.

24. I'm going through a lot of stress at work, but I'm just trying to hang in there.

25. I'm nervous for my audition tomorrow, but I'll just have to go out there and break a leg.

26. Keep practicing and hang in there - you'll get better at it.

27. Keep studying and hang in there - you'll pass that test.

28. La esperanza es un recordatorio de que siempre hay algo bueno en el futuro, incluso si no podemos verlo en el momento. (Hope is a reminder that there is always something good in the future, even if we can't see it at the moment.)

29. My favorite restaurant is expensive, so I only eat there once in a blue moon as a special treat.

30. No hay nada más poderoso que un sueño respaldado por la esperanza y la acción. (There is nothing more powerful than a dream backed by hope and action.)

31. No hay peor ciego que el que no quiere ver. - There's none so blind as those who will not see.

32. Once upon a time, in a faraway land, there was a brave little girl named Red Riding Hood.

33. Over the years, television technology has evolved and improved, and today, there are a variety of different types of television sets available, including LCD, LED, and plasma TVs

34. She was excited about the free trial, but I warned her that there's no such thing as a free lunch.

35. Siempre hay esperanza, incluso en las situaciones más difíciles. (There is always hope, even in the most difficult situations.)

36. Stay there. si Maico sa awtoritadong tono.

37. The ad might say "free," but there's no such thing as a free lunch in the business world.

38. The company might be offering free services, but there's no such thing as a free lunch - they're probably making money another way.

39. The hotel might offer free breakfast, but there's no such thing as a free lunch - the price of the room is probably higher to compensate.

40. The project is taking longer than expected, but let's hang in there and finish it.

41. The seminar might be free, but there's no such thing as a free lunch - they'll probably try to sell you something at the end.

42. There are a lot of amazing destinations to explore around the world.

43. There are a lot of benefits to exercising regularly.

44. There are a lot of books on the shelf that I want to read.

45. There are a lot of opportunities to learn and grow in life.

46. There are a lot of reasons why I love living in this city.

47. There are also concerns about the environmental impact of mobile phones, as the devices are often discarded after a short period of use

48. There are different types of scissors, such as sewing scissors, kitchen scissors, and craft scissors, each designed for specific purposes.

49. There are many different types of microscopes, including optical, electron, and confocal microscopes.

50. There are many ways to make money online, and the specific strategy you choose will depend on your skills, interests, and resources

51. There are so many coffee shops in this city, they're a dime a dozen.

52. There were a lot of boxes to unpack after the move.

53. There were a lot of flowers in the garden, creating a beautiful display of colors.

54. There were a lot of options on the menu, making it hard to decide what to order.

55. There were a lot of people at the concert last night.

56. There were a lot of toys scattered around the room.

57. There's no place like home.

58. There?s a world out there that we should see

59. This is a tough situation, but we'll get through it if we hang in there.

60. We might be getting a discount, but there's no such thing as a free lunch - we're still paying for it in some way.

61. When I arrived at the book club meeting, I was pleased to see that everyone there shared my love of literary fiction. Birds of the same feather flock together indeed.

62. When I'm feeling nervous about networking, I remind myself that everyone is there to break the ice and make connections.

63. Where there's smoke, there's fire.

64. While there are concerns about the effects of television on society, the medium continues to evolve and improve, and it is likely to remain an important part of our daily lives for many years to come This is just a brief overview of the 1000 paragraphs about television, as the information provided would be too long to fit here

Random Sentences

1. Masanay na lang po kayo sa kanya.

2. Muchas ciudades tienen museos de arte que exhiben obras de artistas locales e internacionales.

3. Television has also had an impact on education

4. Have you ever traveled to Europe?

5. Hindi naman. Baka lang pagod ka na...

6. Masama pa ba ang pakiramdam mo?

7. Dahil sa pagkabigla ay hindi na nakapagsalita ang binata at ito ay napaluha na lang.

8. Sadyang mapagkumbaba siya kahit na siya ay mayaman.

9. Los powerbanks son populares entre los usuarios de teléfonos móviles y otros dispositivos electrónicos.

10. Sebelum kelahiran, calon ibu sering mendapatkan perawatan khusus dari dukun bayi atau bidan.

11. Ang mga magulang ay dapat na itinuring at pinahahalagahan bilang mga gabay at tagapagtanggol ng kanilang mga anak.

12. Taos puso silang humingi ng tawad.

13. Ang mga lugar na madalas tamaan ng buhawi ay kailangang magkaroon ng mga pinalakas na imprastruktura at mga hazard mitigation measures.

14. Electric cars may require longer charging times than refueling a gasoline-powered car, but advances in battery technology are improving charging times.

15. Tulad ng sinabi nito, ang ulan ay hindi na huminto pa.

16. Hindi importante kung maganda o pangit ang itsura, ang mahalaga ay hindi kababawan ng kalooban.

17. When I'm feeling nervous about networking, I remind myself that everyone is there to break the ice and make connections.

18. Los bebés pueden nacer en cualquier momento del día o de la noche, y algunas veces pueden llegar antes o después de la fecha prevista.

19. Después de desayunar, salgo a correr en el parque.

20. Sa pamamagitan ng kalayaan, nakakamit natin ang tunay na pagkatao at kakayahan.

21. Vous parlez français très bien.

22. Pagkatapos ng magandang ani, ang aming hardin ay hitik sa sariwang gulay at prutas.

23. Ang bilis nya natapos maligo.

24. Denne kombination har vist sig at være meget effektiv i at skabe en høj grad af velstand og velfærd for befolkningen

25. Pito silang magkakapatid.

26. Sa pag-alis niya sa tahanan, nag-iwan siya ng mga alaala at mga kuwentong puno ng pagmamahal.

27. Occupational safety and health regulations are in place to protect workers from physical harm in the workplace.

28. Alam ko pede kang mapagkatiwalaan, Peppy. Kaya please?

29. While baby fever can be a powerful and overwhelming experience, it is a natural part of the human desire to create and nurture life.

30. The United States is a federal republic, meaning that power is divided between the national government and the individual states

31. Tibig ng ligaya ang puso ng mag-asawa sa pag kakaroon ng maipagmamalaking anak.

32. For doing their workday in and day out the machines need a constant supply of energy without which they would come to a halt

33. The goal of investing is to earn a return on investment, which is the profit or gain earned from an investment.

34. Kumusta ang bakasyon mo?

35. Inutusan niya si Pinang na magluto ng lugaw.

36. may butil na rin ng pawis sa kanyang ilong.

37. Tumayo tayo para awitin ang Pambansang Awit.

38. Unser Gewissen kann uns vor schlechten Entscheidungen bewahren und uns auf den richtigen Weg führen.

39. Mabilis nyang kinuha ang laptop upang tapusin ang kanyang nobela.

40. Frustration can lead to impulsive or rash decision-making, which can make the situation worse.

41. Ipanlinis mo ng sahig ang basahan.

42. Ikaw ang iniisip ko bawat oras ng buhay ko.

43. Ang nagbabago ay nag-iimprove.

44. Naku, may boyfriend ako eh. sabi ko.

45. Pinagtabuyan ng mga mababangis na hayop at ng mga ibon ang kawawang si Paniki.

46. Limitations can be a source of motivation to push oneself to achieve more.

47. Herzlichen Glückwunsch! - Congratulations!

48. La internet ha cambiado la forma en que las personas acceden y consumen información en todo el mundo.

49. Isulat mo ang pangalan mo sa papel.

50. Hindi ko gusto ang takbo ng utak mo. Spill it.

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